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Browse Applications - Business & Finance : 151-200 programs listed after popularity

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  • Access Password Recovery Helper  151)   Access Password Recovery Helper 1.62
    Recover your lost password for Microsoft Access 95/97/2000/XP/2003 database. (*.MDB; *.MDT) It can receive the correct password within 1 second. Very easy to use. It is a useful tool and cheap enough!

  • Resolve  152)   Resolve 1.1
    Ansisoft.NET is the maker of Resolve, an HVAC software application. Resolve is also useful as a Field Service Management Software application for other service-based companies such as plumbing and electrical and also can be used as Dispatch Software.

  • DTM Migration Kit  153)   DTM Migration Kit 1.11.00
    DTM Migration Kit is a powerful yet simple data import, export and migration tool. It is fully automatic and supports all popular database formats. Simple visual interface lets you set own transformation and flow control rules.

  • Easy Personal Labels  154)   Easy Personal Labels 2.7
    Easy to use label print utility. Prints one address label, a series of labels with different addresses, or a complete sheet of return address labels. Supports 1/2 x 1 3/4, 1 x 2 5/8 and 4 x 1 1/3 address labels, diskette labels and envelopes.

  • Ezy Loan Calculator  155)   Ezy Loan Calculator 3.2
    Download very user friendly Loan Amortizer. It has the following features `extra payments, skipped payments, late payments, lump sum payments, graphs, interest rate change, country compounding, and much more`.

  • ABC Amber HxS Converter  156)   ABC Amber HxS Converter 1.03
    ABC Amber HxS Converter is an advanced utility which converts your HxS files to any format you wish (PDF, HTML, CHM, RTF, HLP, DOC, TXT, and many more) easily and quickly.

  • GraphSight Junior  157)   GraphSight Junior 1.0
    GraphSight Junior is an easy to use freeware handy 2D math-graphing program. It was originally designed to help students and teachers satisfy their day-after-day math plotting needs. It makes it easy to plot common Y(X) = F(X) graphs.

  • BarCodLabGen  158)   BarCodLabGen 1.29
    Generate and print barcodes . labels printing with up to 3 barcodes . generation as wmf images file. EAN13 , EAN8 , Code39, Code128 (A,B,C) , code_2_5,Code93,CodeMSI,PostNet,Codabar,UPC (A,E0,E1,S2,S5), EAN128 (A,B,C)

  • Barcode Maker  159)   Barcode Maker 7.90
    This barcode generator makes EAN 13, EAN 8, UPC A, UPC E, ISBN barcodes. Barcode Maker also supports Code 39, ITF-14, Code 2 of 5 Interleaved, Codabar. All barcodes can be saved as a high resolution TIFF. Label printing, Sequential Barcoding......

  • Advanced Converter  160)   Advanced Converter 3.5
    Advanced Converter is a professional program for conversion units of measurements. The program contains more than 1700 units divided in 66 groups. You may add and arrange groups and units in according with your personal preferences.

  • Lobbytech  161)   Lobbytech 1.1
    Visitor Management software for Vistor badges with photograph . It offers the facility to design your own badge . One can know the number of visitors within a facility at any given point of time. Gernerate various reports. Suitable for Schools , Corporate lobbies , Govt Buildings.

  • ProKon  162)   ProKon 10.0q
    ProKon is a calculator unlike any you've seen before. It features unit conversions of over 400,000 units, a pop-up scientific/financial/geometry calculator with tape, as well as many calculation modules covering a wide variety of topics.

  • Excel-Mysql converter  164)   Excel-Mysql converter 3.1.1
    convert MySql to Excel spreadsheets or convert any Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into MySQL utilizing easy to use Wizard style interface, Just follow the simple screens and let the wizard automatically do all the work ..

  • Contacts4Outlook  165)   Contacts4Outlook 2.10.0107
    Share and synchronize your MS Outlook Contacts Folder with your co-workers and friends without a server. You and your teammates will be able to create, update and edit contacts in the shared folders.

  • InTow Software Suite  166)   InTow Software Suite 2005
    Provides a full featured data management, dispatching and mapping solution to the automotive towing and recovery industry. Download a free 30 day trial version.

  • Daffodil CRM  167)   Daffodil CRM 1.1
    Daffodil CRM is an open source customer relationship management software that enables seamless coordination between sales, marketing, customer service, field support and other functions that handle customer contact for an enterprise.

  • XL Report Builder  168)   XL Report Builder 2.1.0
    The Program XL Report Builder is a powerful and flexible tool for creating reports of any level of difficulty in the form of the Microsoft Excel Book.

  • fax@NET Personal  169)   fax@NET Personal 2.5
    fax@NET Personal can send and receive faxes easily with an ISDN card or a modem. The faxes are saved as pictures. There are several formats available like e.g. multipage TIFF. Sending works with a printerdriver or a special web application.

  • AyaNova  170)   AyaNova 7.3
    AyaNova service management & work order software includes workorders, dispatching, scheduling, preventive maintenance, quotes, custom fields, equipment tracking, custom reports, QuickBooks interface, mobile/tablet remote access interface & more.

  • InfoCaptor  171)   InfoCaptor 3.2
    InfoCaptor is an ad-hoc dashboard, reporting and documentation tool. Extracting information from your database into Excel, CSV, PDF,HTML - Connects to any database (JDBC, ODBC) - Dashboard Prototyping, schema Documentation, Nested Loop SQL

  • Employee Scheduling Assistant 2000  172)   Employee Scheduling Assistant 2000 2.1
    For businesses that have mostly full-time employees. The program keeps track of vacations, shift assignments and rotations. Print out weekly or monthly schedules. This program is often used by Corporations, Hospitals and Police departments.

  • Survey Power  173)   Survey Power 6.10
    Survey software with statistics, frequency, thematic map and cross tabulation analysis. Create custom HTML online surveys with validation. Create printed surveys. Twelve data export formats. Analyze and create survey reports with multi-color charts.

  • ZoneView  174)   ZoneView 2.11a
    See what time it is in up to 24 separate cities around the world. Select from over 730 world captials and heavily populated cities. Fully customizable display resizes between 4 and 25 cells. Now includes international dialing codes for each city!

  • The WIMAX Toolkit  175)   The WIMAX Toolkit 3.6
    WiMax is big news today. People far and wide are talking about it -- although how many of them actually understand WiMax is less clear. We often hear terms like WiMax and 802.16 used together, even interchangeably.

  • Bar Code 3 of 9  176)   Bar Code 3 of 9 5.1
    Print bar code 39 from Windows using TrueType fonts. Does HIBC Health Industry Bar Codes, plus standard and human readable barcode 39. Print sheets of labels, export barcode as gif, jpg, or png, use macros in Excel and Access, Bar39 utility program.

  • FileAmigo LE  177)   FileAmigo LE 7.2
    Design databases and reports for just about any situation in minutes, without technical skills! Use FileAmigo LE for projects, membership, prospect lists, maintenance schedules, event planning, and much more...

  • Visual Staff Scheduler® PRO  178)   Visual Staff Scheduler® PRO 8.0
    VSS PRO is an affordable, flexible staff scheduling software that makes creating and managing employee work schedules more efficient.

  • Batch Barcode Maker  179)   Batch Barcode Maker 3.97
    Make EAN 13, UCC 12, UCC 13, UCC 8, EAN 8, UPC A, UPC E, ISBN barcodes and they all support No, 2, 5 Digit supplement. Barcode Maker also supports Code 39 (Code 3 of 9), SCC-14, Code 2 of 5 Interleaved, Codabar and print on labels.

  • LIbro di cassa  180)   LIbro di cassa 2.0
    Software per la gestione delle entrate e delle uscite da scaricare subito.

  • Peel Away Ads  181)   Peel Away Ads 1.01
    Peel Away Ads puts advertising back into your hands. This easy to use peel ad script allows you to discover targeted peel advertising for a very low cost. Highly effective. Try Peel Away Ads today!

  • Exfilt  182)   Exfilt 1.00
    Quickly and easily design or analyze stormwater detention ponds and below grade systems for exfiltration/infiltration. Design stormwater systems to meet exfiltration volume drawdown time criteria.

  • WinFax Pro Automator for Word  183)   WinFax Pro Automator for Word 2.0
    The One-Click Faxing Solution for WinFax and Word. Faxing has never been so easy or convenient! With this tool, let Word harness the power of WinFax Pro. Save time and boost productivity with one-click, professional faxing.

  • Polar Help Desk  184)   Polar Help Desk 5.0
    Polar Help Desk is a web based help desk that helps you organize support department. With email integration, incident management, enables your organization to manage support services to your employees and customers through a help desk portal.

  • Foresight  185)   Foresight 2.01
    The Foresight Budget Planner was designed to assist a typical household put together a budget that makes sense. It will allow you to manage multiple accounts, providing summary information on spending. It was designed to project future estimated tota

  • SplitBill (For PalmOS)  186)   SplitBill (For PalmOS) 1.0
    Enter the total bill amount via the on-screen keypad, select the tax % from the list (or allow SplitBill to calculate it for you based on the $ amount) and assign the tip %. The Tip calculation may be made either before or after tax.

  • TeraCash  187)   TeraCash 2013
    TeraCash is designed to help your company run a successful and profitable check cashing business! Easy to use screens, multi-lingual text and an array of administration tools as well as Biometric security backed by a highly scalable database engine.

  • TicketBenchPRO  188)   TicketBenchPRO 5.3
    TicketBench Pro offers greater flexibility so you can become the ticket master of your organization with this fully customizable desktop ticket printing software. TicketBench Pro has three types of printed output: horizontal, vertical, and stacked.

  • AMan Pro for Amazon Sellers  189)   AMan Pro for Amazon Sellers 3
    AMan Pro is a complete Pricing, Listing and Order Management solution for companies or individuals selling on the Amazon 3rd party Marketplace site. Work for US and UK sellers.

  • SmartPacker  190)   SmartPacker 2.8
    SmartPacker improves space utilization in container shipping, trucking, and warehousing. The interface is very easy to understand, and the optimization engine used is Zhihuo's proprietary global optimization algorithm.

  • TBS Attendance Tracking  192)   TBS Attendance Tracking 6.00
    TBS Attendance Tracking tracks the hours that employees take off work, and then tries to identify those users that usually take Mondays or Fridays off work. This version also allows you to track the hours that employees do work.

  • Excel-to-HTML Converter  193)   Excel-to-HTML Converter 2.0
    Excel-to-HTML Converter is a batch html converter that convert word documents to html. It is the fast, affordable way to convert a lot of Excel doc files to popular HTML format in once.

  • CeBuSoft Accounting System  194)   CeBuSoft Accounting System 1.01
    CeBuSoft Accounting Information System - Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory System and Bank Reconciliation. For more information please visit or email

  • TimeOff  196)   TimeOff 2.8.7
    Tracking employee attendance is fast, simple and accurate with TimeOff. A benefit policy wizard helps you enter your company's benefit policies. And the main screen helps you keep track of both available and used benefit hours for each employee.

  • IDAutomation Barcode ActiveX Control  197)   IDAutomation Barcode ActiveX Control 7.9
    This professional grade ActiveX Control is commonly used to create barcodes in Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, FrontPage, Internet Explorer and C++. It performs very fast, has a small file size and no dependencies. Includes signed DLL and CAB file.

  • Total Fax  198)   Total Fax 7.0
    Total Fax 7.0 offers users complete fax broadcast capabilities. Send faxes to an unlimited number of recipients with just a few clicks of the mouse.

  • etichettexp  199)   etichettexp 2.0
    Etichette XP ottimo software per la stampa delle etichette da scaricare subito

  • Picture Timeclock  200)   Picture Timeclock 2.4
    Have your employees clock in and out with the options to: Take their picture. Greet them with messages. Use the internal or Scheduling Employees 2000 database. Report tips on clocking out. Local language translations.

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